Sanctuaries the new kind of zoo

An article by Craig Brestrup, “Zoos Aren’t Sanctuaries,” talks about two other articles, “What’s in a name,” and “Zoo vs. Sanctuaries.”

Brestrup (2004) talks about how

The American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA)

help make sure animals are

getting the best care.

The AZA helped elephants in one of the San Francisco Zoos, be re-located to a sanctuary. This is because the zoo could not provide better care for the elephants. However, the zoo did not want to let them go, because the elephants are a popular exhibit. The elephants were removed and split up between two sanctuaries, one in California and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.


Picture taken from me at the Wild Animal Sanctuary

In the next article Brestrup talks about is “What’s in a name?” This article explains the differences between zoos and sanctuaries. A sanctuary is not open to the public, however, if so it is open in a limited way. The animals are all rescued, and never bred, instead they are taken care of for the rest of their lives.


Picture taken from me at the Denver Zoo

In contrast, zoos come from choice. Meaning that their choice is based off of entertainment, education, conservation, and research. Some of the animals are taken out of their habitat and are bred.


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