My name is Tabythia (that’s Tabitha only my name is spelled wrong, I have my dad to thank for that).I am a first year student at Colorado State University, and a first generation. I live in Loveland and so did I not go far to college, I guess it is because I love Colorado so much. I do not mind the bipolar weather and love the mountains. I have lived in Colorado my whole life and if I ever move out I know I will get lost, because I will not have my mountains to direct me west.

The most important thing about me is that I love animals! So it is no surprise that my blog is about animals. I became really interested in learning about animals ever since I was a little girl. There has not been one year that I did not have an animal, and not a day goes by without seeing one.

As a little girl and still to this day I love going to the zoo. When I was little every animal was so unique and amazing to see up close and for real, not on the TV or pictures. I never thought about zoos being harmful to the animals. However, now when I go, I think about that. Now that I have gotten older I have learned more about animal welfare and the rights animals have or what they should. I do not see zoos as the same when I was little now that I go a new perspective and I hope you can have a change in perspective as well.

It was not until recently I have gone to a sanctuary. After going the first time I learned so much and what a sanctuary is. I learned all the animals were rescued, and I felt the animal’s pain. Looking at them in the sanctuary though made me so happy it made me cry, because they looked so healthy, happy, and like the wild animals they are exposed to be. I still like zoos but sanctuaries I feel so much better going to. The sanctuary I went to was The Wild Animal Sanctuary, and the fee to seeing the animals all goes to back to the animals, because it is a nonprofit sanctuary.

I am not saying zoos are bad, I know some do good too, however, if there were no zoos and we only had sanctuaries I feel that this would be better for the animals. I am not trying to make you hate zoos but if you love animals as much as I do then maybe you will see that zoos do more harm than good. As well, we should make sanctuaries the new kind of zoo.


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